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elementary thoughts

I made two new friends this week. I am happy about this. That’s all for now.

I’m busy going back to work and mentally preparing for mayhem all over again.

But I miss writing and want to get back to it, soon…


back we are

Hi everyone. Or to the one of you that reads my blog. 

We have returned to reality.

After another amazing trip, we are back.

We spent two and a half weeks in Colorado. One in Denver, visiting family and friends, that was so great. And then we spent another week camping (yes, tent camping) in Crested Butte.

You know, after living in Colorado for five years, Davy and I never went to Crested Butte. It is fairly remote and somehow it was never a place we wound up visiting. But it is absolutely gorgeous. Probably ranks up there in terms of my favorite areas I have EVER traveled to. There are some great stories to tell about the trip, but I will try and save those for later. For now, I want to post some of my favorite pictures.

And not to forget to thank all the wonderful people we saw and who hosted us:

Amy and David, Jay and Dave, Curtis and Emily, Christy and Correy, A – back, and the Parmalee folks. We were honored to spend time with you!

IMG_3199Actually a pretty good picture. Hiking at Mount Falcon. We can see our old house from the top.


Ok, so we also went to Tiny Town. This was also about 1/2 a mile from our old cabin. We always thought it was a little strange, but now that we have small children, it was so amazing to watch them explore this wonderland. 


IMG_3288Ben and Summi with their cousins, Hayden and Maddie. This was about the best we could get.


IMG_3267Our lovely family portrait. 


Too cute not to post


IMG_3358How old do you think this munchkin is now?



IMG_3373Do you think she liked the bunny? So cute.


IMG_3417This is how she rolls.


IMG_3440The lighting of the marshmallows. Good times.


They can even have fun together. Sometimes.


IMG_3485One of my all time favorite photos of Summer. Cheeks, anyone?


IMG_3523Daddy and Ben


IMG_3576Summer snow.


IMG_3588Some of our favoritest people.


IMG_3594Waiting to trap some unsuspecting animal.


IMG_3601Family portrait. Fairly nice. And this is right next to our campsite. Beautiful.


IMG_3634Me and my munchkins (struggling for emancipation)


IMG_3642Goodbye Crested Butte.


IMG_3505And goodnight.

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