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before I sleep I think

Today I was in a staff development meeting on how to be a better teacher. I was not the only one in the room, ha ha. They brought in a couple of reading/writing guru type people to help a number of us become “better” at what we do.

It proved to be a day that was mentally challenging. They had us busy; reading, writing, thinking, debating, talking, presenting… I really did step away mentally tired.

But the coolest thing was, they flew these two gurus all the way across the country to share one major point with us:

Young people need a personal connection. You need to know them to teach them. You need to listen and be gracious with them to reach them.

On days like today, I am honored to be surrounded by others who echo what I know. I am lucky to be challenged to be better. I am humbled by the realization that I can be much better. And I am ready to try again tomorrow.

It all comes down to one thing. Relationships are so important. They ultimately change the lives and the minds of others.

I need to go to bed now.



We celebrated our fourth year with this little man this week! He turned four. Four. Davy and I are having trouble letting this soak in. He is a complete joy to know. If we had to pick a couple of words to describe Ben, we decided they would be that he is a happy, self-assured, people loving, inventive , exploring, inquisitive, never takes no for an answer little boy that is all boy. 

We love you little man. Keep learning and teaching us all you discover.



little things

The most satisfying thing I did today was to replace the batteries in Ben’s train, the one that hasn’t run in a year and a half. 

You should have seen his face when it actually ran on it’s track.

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