before I sleep I think

Today I was in a staff development meeting on how to be a better teacher. I was not the only one in the room, ha ha. They brought in a couple of reading/writing guru type people to help a number of us become “better” at what we do.

It proved to be a day that was mentally challenging. They had us busy; reading, writing, thinking, debating, talking, presenting… I really did step away mentally tired.

But the coolest thing was, they flew these two gurus all the way across the country to share one major point with us:

Young people need a personal connection. You need to know them to teach them. You need to listen and be gracious with them to reach them.

On days like today, I am honored to be surrounded by others who echo what I know. I am lucky to be challenged to be better. I am humbled by the realization that I can be much better. And I am ready to try again tomorrow.

It all comes down to one thing. Relationships are so important. They ultimately change the lives and the minds of others.

I need to go to bed now.

1 Response to “before I sleep I think”

  1. 1 audrey
    September 16, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    I agree with this so much. 🙂 I have been asking my students one different “Getting to Know You” question everyday when I call the roll. It’s just a short Question, with a short Answer- to help me get to know them a little better and to learn their names- I have 170 students so I want to know all of their names and little personalities better. 🙂 Anyways, yesterday’s question was “What is your favorite Insect?” and I got a wide range of answers..but my favorite was the “Praying Mantis”. 🙂 The kid made prayer hands when they said it. 🙂 That was one of my GT classes! 😉 Later~

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