stay classy

It’s been awhile  since I last blogged and I was thinking I would start off with something nice and ridiculous. I normally would not post something of such graphic content, but since this is making national news and it is portraying the cheerleader from my high school in such an disturbing way I thought it was worth the effort of posting. Also, Davy and I had a good laugh looking at this. High schoolers these days…


And sorry to post something so degrading to women and Spartans. I had to chronicle it however,  because as all who attended Stratford know, this rivalry will make people do crazy things. Like make a nasty t-shirt. You stay classy, memorial. Stay classy.

2 Responses to “stay classy”

  1. 2 stacymac
    October 8, 2009 at 2:14 am

    just laughed out loud. and i didn’t even go to stratford.

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