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some things

I am stuck in a rut with the writing thing. My life is going. Going well. But the words and inspiration are not flowing out through the keyboard. But here are a few little things. 

  • There have been several tragedies as of recently. Not any that directly affect our family, but tragedies of life-changing proportions that have wounded those I work with, talk to, and care about. Life is so short. 
  • April is a sweet month in the classroom. It is a time when I work hard, but I see the real fruit of my labor in the relationships that have formed over the course of this year. This is the time of year I feel closest to my students. They trust me now, and that, my friends, is more rewarding than a test score  anyday.
  • Ben is morphing into a different type of child. He no longer exists solely for himself, but also exists to help and please others. Clearly this a major developmental change, but we are enjoying his compliance and budding maturity. However, yesterday he yelled at his sister, who stepped on his kite, and then proceeded to dissolve into tears after inspecting the ribbons she had torn off the kite. Being a kid ain’t always easy, right? 
  • Summer is obsessed still with dressing herself. I mean, seriously, she has taken this to pathological levels. She is very particular about what she wears and wants to be sure she has each component of the outfit she was mentally planning. Her favorite phrase is, “Don’t say no ma’m to me.” Apparently, in her two year old mind we say “no ma’m” way too often. She is so sweet and easy most of the time, but like any child, she spends her fair amount of time in the time our chair. (I accidentally left her there today… 10 minutes later, I went looking for her…)
  • Davy and I went to Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago sans children. It was for a science conference and a getaway all in one. Philly was a great city. We ate well, walked all day, looked at some touristy stuff, dueled with cheesesteaks, ate some more, walked some more, and you know, just enjoyed getting away. Philly is a city where it seems you could be anyone you wanted with little judgement. You want to carry a tennis racket into a fancy restarant – go for it. You want to rock climb the trees in the public park – please do. You want to talk to the person next to you at breakfast – that is welcome. You want to see a drag queen dressed as George WAshington serenade you at the art museum – why not? You want to run up those steps like Rocky – you are not the only one. You want to create a giant robot made out of cardboard and hide inside until people stick their hands in the eyeholes – yes, you can. You want to be who you want to be, I get the feeling Philly will take you. I really was impressed with the vibe from the city. Plus, we stayed at the Four Seasons, ate out every meal, and had uninterrupted conversations – that is like paradise for a couple of days. 
  • Oh yeah, I entered a triathalon. I am getting nervous. April 24th. Swim, bike, run. I can do it. I think.
  • We are planning for a phenomenal getaway this summer. I will keep you posted. It is time at the beach and more… 🙂
  • I’m unsure of where the cable to download photos is at the moment, so there has been a definite drought of pictures on my page. Apologies.
  • More to come… love you all… ell

bloggers out of control

I sometimes visit blogs of people I don’t really know… I think many others may do the same. It is strangely voyeuristic, but strangely fasciniating.

A while back, maybe a couple of years, I visited the blog of MckMama. If you don’t know who she is, look her up, you will find her, no doubt. Summary is, she is one of those mommy bloggers that literally posts every day, if not multiple times a day. Frankly, I could not stand her blog. It seemed glossy and long winded, written not for growth but for other reasons I couldn’t pinpoint. I visited the blog a couple of times. ( You can check it out here – but don’t click on the extra links that say “read more”).

To make a long story short, a good friend sent me a link to this blog, a blog that basically exists solely to call into question everything this Mckmama character writes about and shares. It is a little astounding to me that something like this would exist. 

I was floored. It is sad. While points written by both women, who call themselves Christians, are valid and often engaging… I mean come on, are they in junior high? Don’t they have other things to do besides blog huge quantities of text about themselves? (I am guilty too.) But I mean this is hateful, vengeful, and destructive stuff. 

It is almost as if non-political blogging, that is personal blogging that does not address a specific cause other than yourself, might begin to evolve into something quite different. A money making, me vs. you, waste of resources is what it could (and possibly has become).

What do you think of this? 

Is it just me, or is this situation out of control?


read sometime

My friend Kelly posted some info on her blog about one of our new candidates for governor, Bill White. I wanted to, as a mother, teacher, and resident of Texas implore you to read up more about this man. My personal opinion is that we need to make some MAJOR changes in our educational system… so read a little bit… particularly if you live in this state and don’t know much about him. (This isn’t real heavy reading material, just a little background info…)


P.S. The article was written by TEXAS MONTHLY, before he announced his candidacy for governor and not for his campaign…


so he says

We have a gecko in our house. It lives in an aquarium in Ben’s room and lives a pretty quiet existence. He molts occasionally and it a disturbing process every time. This particular time the molting was extensive. She had large sheets of her skin peeling off at a time. The other night I noticed her strangely rubbing up against the rock in her cage. When I looked closer, I noticed that the little reptile had a piece of her own skin blocking her little eye and she was frantically rubbing her eye against the rock to remove the skin obstructing her vision. So, I left her alone at her little reptile task. I figured she knows she is doing. Plus, what if it wasn’t ready to some off? Whatever. I left it there. But tonight, Davy was putting Ben to bed and he saw the gecko having the same issue. So, he decided to help out. He picked up the little sucker and pulled that skin right off the gecko’s face. And then the stangest thing happened. According to my husband…………….. the gecko smiled at him……………….. so he says.

That was my laugh for the night.  And I will believe it when I see it.

Update: I asked D if it looked like this…

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