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My bobby

“Dear God,” 

“Thank you for davy”

“Thank you for ellen”

“Thank you for ben b******” (insert full name)

” and Thank you for my Bobby” (Who the heck is this?)


By the way, she prays about this Bobby character more than anything else. Every night without fail, she talks about her Bobby with a little smirk. That booger knows she has me fooled.

And in her book, we are obviously on a first name basis. 

Oh, and I have checked all items in the house to see if they are “Bobby.” I thought she meant Barbie, but I have checked that one too… No Bobby’s in her class at school. So I am at a loss.

I have some stiff competition from this Bobby character.


mission sort of accomplished

I have been training for this triathalon for the past 2 months and today was the BIG DAY. The triathalon was in Galveston, so we spent the night down there last night…

As I packed my bag the night before I went through the necessary mental checklist

Wetsuit check.Goggles check. Cooking oil to use to get into the wetsuit check. Swim cap check. Timing chip check. Sunscreen check. Tri shorts check. Swimsuit check. Socks check. Chap stick check. Sunglasses check. Bike shoes check. Water bottle check. Bike helmet check. Bike gloves check. Tire repair kit check. Extra tire tubes check. Running shoes check. Sunglasses check. Race number check.

I think I might have forgotten something. But the point is, it takes a hell of a lot of stuff to make you a good triathalete.

So, night before, after the above mental checklist, I snuggled into bed after reading myself to sleep with the latest trash magazine.

I was awoken at 1:30 am to an insanely loud noise – a howling and thumping, and then, the unmistakable sound of the air conditioner being shut off. The power went out. The wind was howling and the bed I was sleeping in was actually shaking. I have no idea if it was a tornado, or just crazy high winds, but there was a storm last night that was huge. 

I moved myself to the other room where the kids were sleeping because it is on the interior of the house. It was also quieter in there. I knew I needed to sleep (think mental preparation for the race.)

I did sleep. And when I awoke the wind was still whipping, but the rain was gone. 

Today was the big day. The day I had trained for. The day I was really excited about.

I got out of bed, prepared all of my belongings (see above) and awoke the rest of the family.

I was going to do this thing come hell or high water.

As soon as I reached the race site, I carried all my gear and walked my bike into the transition area where all the athletes set up their “stuff” (see above again.)

I could hardly roll the darn bike because the wind kept gusting and I would have t re-balance myself. 

As I set up my “stuff” I surveyed all the other athletes and their “stuff.” They had some serious stuff. And apparently there was some protocol for how you set your “stuff” up. You had to have a towel to place it on, for one, which I neglected to include on my list of “stuff.” So I was the one person who set their “stuff” on the ground. The wind was still blowing pretty hard, so I had to make sure none of the lighter stuff was blown away.  As I arranged my “stuff”, I also studied the order to this. Shoes were left untied – that I could do. You only wear your wetsuit half way for what appeared to be 45 minutes before the race. Okay, I can do that. Got out the can of cooking oil to spray myself down before I stepped into the neoprene… when they came on the bullhorn to have the “pre-race meeting.” Was stepping into my wetsuit, halfway listening, when the announcement was made.

“There will be no swim today. The conditions are too hazardous and the police department (read beach patrol) will not permit the swimming portion of the race at this time.”

Are you kidding? This was the part of the race I felt maybe most confident about. Sure I had never swam a race in open water, in crappy conditions, but my mental psyche was saying I was going to obliterate the competition (read mental toughness). I halted the wetsuit debaucle but refused to put on shoes. Something in me said that everyone was going to change their minds… that they had made a hasty decision without really testing the course. And concurrently, in my mind, I was screaming, “And you think I want to ride my bike for 25 miles into a 30 mph headwind?” That to me seemed like the greater danger (read I’m not crazy about biking.) So I waited, with no shoes on, pre-cooking spray for the decision to be overturned. We were all lamenting, that is, me and the other girls around me, how this was crazy. (Remember, the wind is blowing hard and there are major white caps on the bay at that moment.) In the process of a little bitching, I made a couple of friends. We resolved that whatever would be would be and ended up trading stories about ourselves and our silly little lives. (They were actually really fun and we really did have a ton of fun while we waited.) We had wait longer than anticipated for the weather to clear and the race to start and contrary to my personal wishes, we were not permitted to swim. Major bummer.

But we were permitted to bike and run and that I did. The biking was hard. The run was good. I was so proud of myself. It turned out to be an amazingly beautiful day.

Mission sort of accomplished.

And a short while ago, I stashed away in my bathroom an unused bottle of cooking spray. 

Despite all the “stuff” I think I am hooked.


heavy heart

My heart is heavy. I just discovered that a family we know through the kid’s school, their little 2 year old, was diagnosed with leukemia. I just don’t understand.

These are the things that I just don’t get.


this girl

Summer has been sick the last three days. Looking at these pictures, I am just reminded of how sweet and quirky she really is. Over the last three days, in between throwing up and running a fever, she has squealed with delight as we show her something as simple as a caterpillar outdoors. She has asked to sleep with her new favorite stuffed animal, a metal mixing bowl. She also has not whined or cried hardly at all. She has just wanted to be held more than her usual low maintenance self. She is so sweet and so silly at the same time. For any one who has met her, you know she is usually a mess. I love this little girl.

Sweet Summi

Scared Summi (watching Snow White… surprisingly scary for a 2 yr old)

Singing Summi


Worn out

I am worn out right now. And it is only Monday. The combination of parenting, training for a triathalon, and trying to get my students to succeed on the TAKS tests (in two weeks) is draining me. I am in the hardest part of the race right now. The part where I am nearing the end, knowing the finish is not far, but hurting really bad and wanting to take a break. 

But in all of this I posted the pictures below. I really don’t have the time to do this… wait that is not true. I do have the time. But what I guess I am saying is that I surprised myself by taking the time to actually look at the photos. 

The first one made me laugh. I needed that. If only I could be more like a child sometimes, showing my true colors without the shame of my years. I am glad I saw that picture tonight.

The second one gave me hope. It gave me the hope that there is a warm, soft spot to curl up. A hope that there is rest, somewhere, for all of us. I am glad I saw that picture tonight.

My troubles are small. There are others whose obstacles are larger than I can imagine. May they find laughter and hope and love. We all need it.

Contemplating the benefits of a 5:30 am wakeup


all you need is love

                                                                                                        Love is all you need.


life with a two year old

Do you think she has any idea what she looks like?

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