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We have finally returned from our month away. It was, as I always tell people, not just a vacation.

We loved our time away. Florida (where we were) had the most incredible weather the first 4 weeks we were there. The water was so clear and there were no rainy days, which is a rarity this time of year. But finally, the last week we were there the storm clouds came. They were welcome after almost of full month of sun and we embraced being on the beach in weather that was different than the usual. A little less sunscreen, a little less heat, more sand, more wind, it was just different. The evenings were mysterious looking with the sunset being shrouded by the ominous clouds from evening thunderstorms. It was as lovely as usual, just different.

Here are a few of the pictures from our last few days away.

Thunderheads at sunset

moments in the sand

There was lots of digging and building


I haven’t mentioned it before but B loves to take pictures – and he is actually a great little photographer – here is one of his shots. Good work B!

She is happy.

Watching the fireworks together.


conquering the cone

This was one of the coolest playground things I have ever seen. Not only is it fun to climb on, but it spins also.

Ben, Davy, Summer, and I all gave it a try.


family photo

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