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I haven’t mentioned…

I started another blog recently.

It’s my class blog – for my students and their parents.

It’s not terribly interesting… but if you are one of those people who are interested in what eighth grade science is all about, you might want to visit the site.

I don’t update every day… just when necessary.

Visit here.

Who knows, you might learn something. (Not trying to be a smart ass here.)

Just another part of my life…


notes from the weekend

hung out with some negative people

ate mexican food

watched children run around

felt sick over hanging out with negative people

felt sick about eating the exact same mexican food two nights in a row

ran fast for awhile

watched children run fast in circles for awhile

graded 100 tests

grew exasperated with children

trotted backwards while children attempted to ride bikes without tipping over

ate a huge burger

ate a bunch of fries

drank a ridiculous milkshake

had good conversation

saw a good movie

sat in the second row to see a good movie

had a shot

bitched about an HOA

ran 11 miles

sweated excessively

watched children jump on inflatable plastic toys

went grocery shopping

cleaned house

drank a beer

ate a family dinner

bathed and read with the kids

sat on the couch

wished there was another day off

just a few quick notes from my lovely weekend.

p.s. I never realized how much of a downer negative people are for me. I literally felt sick from being around them. not the best reaction.


where have

all the bloggers gone? Myself included.

Are we all super busy?

I know I am.

I miss some of you.

I can’t believe we are mid-way through september…

I have been in school almost a month.

I am missing the slower life.

But I am loving my new students.

They challenge me everyday.

They are bad and good.

Ready and not.

Motivated and lazy.

But they are mine.

I am really in this right now.

And I am tired.

But nothing solves that like going to bed before 10 pm.

So, that being said,

I miss some of you,

and I am approaching my bedtime.

Good night friends.

Still thinking of you.


almost luxurious

I have been running quite a bit lately. That’s nothing new, but I have been venturing out into the Houston heat more than I usually did in the past. I used to stick to the gym when it was above 90 degrees outside. So, today we had a busy day and the only time a run could be squeezed in was at about 3 pm. Heat of the day. In Houston. Laced up my shoes, grabbed a visor, contemplated a cold towel (I keep them in the fridge), but instead simply ventured into the midday sun. It was extremely hot here today. And humid.

I am beginning to think that I am going crazy because as I ran along in the heat, beginning to sweat, I thought to myself, “this is nice.” And then I thought to myself, “you are crazy.” I continued to run for a bit, not really in a hurry at all, simply enjoying getting outside… into the heat? and humidity? I caught myself thinking repeatedly about the air outside here today. It was something else. It was almost silky it was so humid. It felt smooth, like wet skin and a good glass of wine. And I began to realize that  I was really enjoying the sensory experience of the run, the heat, and the humidity. And of course that silky air.

And I knew I had to write about it, capture that moment of my senses tapping into something that can’t be captured in a photo. The air today was so incredibly tangible that it was almost luxurious.

And I might be crazy.


he’s a year older tomorrow

I have so many things I want to say. I just am not sure where to begin.

For now I am just thankful that he is ours for now.

And hoping that I can soak in every moment possible.


they are saying it is officially over

This war, the one that stirred up all the controversy, divided a nation, and still seems to be going on; they are saying that it is over. I know that the president addressed it on national television tonight. I didn’t watch. I think it’s because after seven years of occupying a country, I can’t believe it is really over. This war will be carried in the hearts and mind of countless people for the rest of their lives. My opinion aside, I did quite a bit of reading tonight on different opinions about what this announcement means. I’m still unsure, because it seems it is difficult to predict Iraq and what  will happen once our military pares down the amount of troops in the country. So, we will wait and see. But I found this slideshow to really address multiple facets of the Iraqi conflict.

View here.

FYI: There are some very graphic images.

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