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again, I repeat

this is what we face, I face, all day. To use or not to use?

It is a critical time in education.

A critical time in the lives of young people who do not know moderation.

What are we to do to create the best future possible for young people, our hope, and the future of this country?

Watch here. Definitely worth the time and the thought.

Remember, what you think matters.


growing up digital, wired for distraction

Same content as above, just more detail, and in semi-digital format.

Read this if you are at all considering having a child, or have a child, or you yourself live in this digital age.

I am constantly battling myself within over technology and responsible use.

As an educator I constantly see students who seem to actually lack the ability to focus for more than five minutes at a time. (And it is not an ADD issue.)

And I also see more technology emerging in the classroom, which we immediately think of as a positive addition, but sometimes I am not so sure.

Times used to be much simpler.

Read here.


it gets me every time

I was watching monday night football tonight with d and on came a commercial that simply captures our attention to the fullest every time we have seen it. I’m not sure even what it is for… but the music gets me every time.

See below for amazingness. And take a trip back to the dojo.

I can’t not post as this movie shaped my life substantially at the time. How many crane kicks did I do? How many guys because they had blond hair like Johnny? And what girl did not want to be Ali and meet a handsome Italian from New Jersey?




I’m still laughing

Okay, so this picture was taken four months ago. But I am still laughing over it today. As a parent, you try to get as many cute photos of your children as possible. We all hate to admit that we want those munchkins to smile and look presentable to the camera, giving the world the impression that they (we) are together and happy. So, in all the madness of capturing a photo, you do the unthinkable. You utter phrases like “cheese” and “puppies”  to achieve that photo that you hope will capture your life. So, rewind to July, camping with friends, filthy, and happy, yes having fun. The camera was out to chronicle our happiness. Davy behind the lens, possibly uttering “say cheese” or “say puppies,” but instead he takes a new route to perfect pictoral. He yells, I see a blond bear over there”  or something to that nature. And the response he got was pure wonder, from me alone. Apparently, Ben was in on the joke, Sum had no care to even acknowledge the effort, and I, of course, am stupified by his observation, or lack thereof. Always the fool, I always laugh when I see this picture.


legs are sore

My legs have been really sore.

I ran a half marathon last week.

For me, I ran pretty fast.

And my legs were sore afterward.

Of course.

And then, this weekend, my marathon training told me to run sixteen miles.

So I did.

And my legs were sore when I ran.

And they are still sore tonight.

I kept trying to calculate what was sixteeen miles from my house, because as I simply looped back and forth on my favorite trails, it hit me that this is the farthest I have ever run in one day.

It seemed kind of ridiculous to run that far, so I kept trying to figure out what was sixteen miles from my house.



Who knows?

Regardless, I am still a little sore, and a little amazed that people run marathons and ultra marathons all the time.

The human body/spirit/drive is amazing.



I haven’t written

in 20 days. For me, that is a long time. I guess life just takes over at times. I still have things to say. And I am not currently angry with technology or modernization or the digital world, as I sometimes am. I think I have forgotten to write.

I have forgotten to write because I have been reading. Inadvertently, I have been reading a lot. It is nice to read. I actually love it so much. The books I have read over the past few weeks include the following:

-Oxygen, by Carol Cassella

-Born to Run, by Chris McDougall

-The Possibility of Everything, by Hope Edelman

I’m not sure which one has taken the greatest hold on me (that is what books do to me). But they were all excellent.

They were all very different. The one that was most well-written was The Possiblity of Everything, the one that I think of most is Born to Run, and the one that took me away from it lall was Oxygen.

I could write about each of these books on their own, sharing the wonders their authors shared with me, but you know, I want to just leave it where it is.

Books transport me outside of myself, to a place where I can walk with someone through something that is not mine but theirs. I am so thankful to read.


catch up time

I have been bad about photo blogging. The truth is: I haven’t been able to find the charger to my camera. Sheesh, I just need to buy a new one. But after running on reserve power, here are a few moments captured.

The photos go like this:

  • Sum gets her first bike, loves it, crashes it into the curb repeatedly. Now she has gotten good and thinks she can ride hands free.
  • She also celebrates birthday #3 at a jumpy place. Best party idea ever.
  • Davy decided to coach soccer with some buddies. B’s team is not great… but I guess they get points for showing up. The best part of the games for the kids include: playing in the dirt and snacks.
  • The next few are of Halloween. S was a bumblebee and Ben an astronaut (on a mission to Saturn… who knew?)
  • Had the school shindig (see pink hair) and also the neighborhood procession. Both were delightful (Aside from the mother walking around in the scream mask that made Sum go into panic-scream-pee on myself mode)
  • We are good and well. We are over the hump for the fall (as far as teaching goes).
  • Next on the horizon… running miles, trip to san antonio, consumerism in the month of December.
  • Love to all of you!!


And oh yes, of course, BEST CAT EVER!

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