I haven’t written

in 20 days. For me, that is a long time. I guess life just takes over at times. I still have things to say. And I am not currently angry with technology or modernization or the digital world, as I sometimes am. I think I have forgotten to write.

I have forgotten to write because I have been reading. Inadvertently, I have been reading a lot. It is nice to read. I actually love it so much. The books I have read over the past few weeks include the following:

-Oxygen, by Carol Cassella

-Born to Run, by Chris McDougall

-The Possibility of Everything, by Hope Edelman

I’m not sure which one has taken the greatest hold on me (that is what books do to me). But they were all excellent.

They were all very different. The one that was most well-written was The Possiblity of Everything, the one that I think of most is Born to Run, and the one that took me away from it lall was Oxygen.

I could write about each of these books on their own, sharing the wonders their authors shared with me, but you know, I want to just leave it where it is.

Books transport me outside of myself, to a place where I can walk with someone through something that is not mine but theirs. I am so thankful to read.

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