I’m still laughing

Okay, so this picture was taken four months ago. But I am still laughing over it today. As a parent, you try to get as many cute photos of your children as possible. We all hate to admit that we want those munchkins to smile and look presentable to the camera, giving the world the impression that they (we) are together and happy. So, in all the madness of capturing a photo, you do the unthinkable. You utter phrases like “cheese” and “puppies”  to achieve that photo that you hope will capture your life. So, rewind to July, camping with friends, filthy, and happy, yes having fun. The camera was out to chronicle our happiness. Davy behind the lens, possibly uttering “say cheese” or “say puppies,” but instead he takes a new route to perfect pictoral. He yells, I see a blond bear over there”  or something to that nature. And the response he got was pure wonder, from me alone. Apparently, Ben was in on the joke, Sum had no care to even acknowledge the effort, and I, of course, am stupified by his observation, or lack thereof. Always the fool, I always laugh when I see this picture.

1 Response to “I’m still laughing”

  1. November 23, 2010 at 12:08 am

    good to see you ellen and this picture is hilarious! loves – eb

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