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just some thoughts

1. Today. was. not. as. bad. as. I. expected. (This is a pleasant surprise as a teacher with 2+ weeks off)

2. Told a story today of myself as a thirteen year old. Had the students captivated for 20 minutes and honestly, discovered I liked telling stories. (Storytellers are amazing – I’ve always wanted to be a better one… do you think there are classes or possibly a how to book? I am going to google immediately.)

3. I have been eating a steady dessert over the last few days of peanut butter and honey – I think I am out of control.

4. Huge zit on my chin right now. So big, it crosses my mind every time I realize I am alive.

5. Just realized the zit might be attributed to excessive amounts of peanut butter and honey.

6. Read a hilarious book the other day. That’s right, in a day. Irreverent? yes. For a limited audience? yes.

“Just don’t call me ma’am” by Anna Mitchael. If you were ever ashamed of your texas roots, this girl had me laughing.

7. Knee hurts. Sucks as I am going to run 26.2 miles in a few weeks. I think it must be IT band. Who knows? I describe it as ouch, it feels like loose spaghetti.

8. I love the rainy nights.



prettiest place in texas (possibly)

Took the camper on a little trip to one of the prettiest places in texas, pedernales falls, just west of austin. Gorgeous, perfect winter in texas weather and two of the most curious kids I know made for a fun trip.


christmas day


this is what we watch

I have seen some interesting, thought provoking movies recently.

I love movies. It is like the weakness that gets me. At times I think I would like to give up tv, period, but sometimes I turn it on just to see what movies they are playing on tnt.

I doesn’t help that we got a blu ray player. This device is so cool. I can now get netflix, pandora, and all the crazy stuff I love with the click of a button.

But back to movies. Several of the movies I saw really challenged me and my thinking, changing me in small ways. I hope it sticks. Here are the movies I have seen in the last week.

The Fighter – I loved this movie. LOVED it. Actually so much, that I can’t stop talking about it. See it, I think you might like it.

Black Swan – this one is sort of blah. I mean it is a good performance, but the best picture of the year? Far from it. Check out the movies I’ve listed below to see more thought provoking material.

Green Zone – still a hollywood movie, but way better than I expected. I am just fascinated by anything military at this point in my life. I actually had never heard of this movie and just randomly watched it. It’s always a treat when you have no expectations for a film and it turns out better than expected. And it made me think, was/is the Iraq war really that screwed up? I’m starting to suppose so.

Surfwise – this movie was wonderful, shocking, strange, and unfathomable. It’s about a family of nine children and their parents who live in a 24 foot rv for the better part of the children’s lives. No school, just experience ¬†with the world and surfing. Did mention that their dad was a stanford educated successful doctor before they began the odyssey? This movie makes you think twice about extreme decisions and the nature of children and their needs.
180 South – this story is a little more muted, but a great film about conservationism and the difference a few invested people can make. Details the contributions of the owners of Patagonia clothing and also the tendency of all modern humans to become disconnected from nature.
No Impact Man – this film is fantastic. Drastic, yes! A little crazy, yes! But the way that these two new yorkers make the decision to go no impact for a year is real and inspiring. I particularly love the woman in the story. Oh honey, you make us all proud. I love the honesty and the thoughtfulness to take this journey. Wish I was brave enough! But it made me think about things and make some goals for myself and my family.
All of these movies are good in some way. Let me know if you have seen them or if you choose to see them

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