How many?

How many chances do you give people?
As a teacher I am told that kids only deserve so many chances to turn in their work, tuck thir shirt in, or stop chewing gum.
I guess that is what you call policy.
But today I met with a student that has a very low grade in my class and obviously has other things going on in his life.
Today was about the 5th time I had asked him to come to tutorials and he finally came. Because I had to make sure I called his dad and the principal to get him there.
And he came.
I honestly didn’t know where to start with him. He is so behind.
So we sat together and worked on a few smallish tasks. Nothing compared to the gaping hole of his irresponsibility.
We made a plan for him to follow on a few assignments. I was just happy for him. Who knows if he actually knows this: He was finally doing the right thing. Or maybe just making me happy. Regardless, maybe it worked. Maybe he saw that doing the right thing can be fulfilling.
As he walked out the door, he looked me in the eye and said, “Ms Barrett, thanks for giving me a second chance.”
I sometimes doubt grace in the classroom but – then I go back to moments like these. Please father let them see you through me.

Who in the world has the right to any second chances?


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