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spring break part 2

For the second part of our spring break we ventured down near corpus to do some beach camping in our pop up. We had a great time, despite the piles and piles of seaweed that washes up on Texas beaches in March (seriously!) But it was one of the best nights of sleep I have gotten in a while, with the cool ocean breeze billowing through the camper, and the sound of waves breaking on the shore lulling me to sleep. There was some humor in the trip. Summer wouldn’t walk on the sand for the first hour announcing that there were “crabs everywhere.” Later however, she informed me that she loved seaweed and wanted to walk through it repeatedly. Heaven help us with this child! She and Ben played in the water as much as they could, even though it was too cold for me. The dogs also loved every minute of this trip. Despite the bizarre and slightly disgusting condition of the beach, it was at the same time strangely beautiful. We had a great time and returned to Houston hungry for the true vacation that looms ahead.

By the way, if you notice in the picture below, yes, you see that right. Ben is carrying Summer. This all began over the fear of crabs and they decided they liked it. Once again, heaven help us.


spring break part 1

Davy and I took a much – needed trip, just the two of us, to San Francisco over Spring Break. It was filed under the umbrella of work, as we were attending a conference for a few of the day. But honestly, we spent more time sightseeing and enjoying the perfect weather. Our five days there were incredible.

This was the view from our room. We had an awesome room. Two walls of glass.

We did a lot of walking, which we love.

It was very green, and the plants were incredible.

We did a lot of this.

So pretty.

Funny to think of it, but both of us had forgotten that 10 years ago we spent a portion of our honeymoon here. It was so fun to come back and see it again, and talk about the years that had spaced these two trips apart and the amazing journey we’ve had so far.

Here’s to staying together, making memories, and what is to come…




One of our children has learned to write. He has taken to writing many messages. This one he delivered to me during naptime yesterday.



just some things

we love… books on tape

we love…dogs that look too serious for words…

we love…a new and improved laundry room created by a wonderful man


Frustrated with

my job right now. Not really my specific job… but all the things that go into it. Right now, as most of you may know, education and social services for children in the state of Texas are taking an enormous hit. The budget cuts that have been proposed and are in the works are enormous. For all my social worker friends… I’m with you. But honestly, the fact that education funding is being cut leaves me frustrated with my job because here it is… it is difficult already. Class sizes are most likely going to grow and services provided to students with disabilities will most likely be cut. And to be honest, my job will only grow more difficult.

My thoughts are that this is the last place you would ever cut money from. Services that reach out to children and even those with disabilities are the last place you would go to save money.

What is our state government thinking?

That is what I am thinking. Ultimately, I am frustrated that the political types are so out of touch with reality that like I said, they would cut the budget in an area that supports the future and welfare of American children.

Read more here.

Seriously, if you have children, or work with children, or know a child, just remember that they are going to be affected in one way or another by these cuts. Their classes will be larger in school, they will have less services (as one example, dyslexia services), less resources, and because of these things, most likely, less opportunity.

This Wednesday is the day to email your congressperson about your opinion on these cuts. Seriously, think about doing it. What is proposed is vile and offensive to me as it stands. I know that is strong language… but seriously, who cuts funding for children?

On account of this, and the fact that standardized testing is about to get even crazier for the next 5 – 10 years, you would think a bunch of out of touch, upper class, elbow rubbing, disinterested people were sitting in the capitol in Austin.

And all of that makes me frustrated with my job. Less resources, more testing, more difficulty convincing students that their education is important.

When you look at the fact that they want to spend less money on them, standardize their achievement by means of a biased assessment, and remove programs like art, music, and technology, no wonder it’s hard for the students to be invested in this system.

What is the point when you are just too much of a burden and you can’t fit the mold they want you to?

On days like this, I sort of get their apathy.

School is not the same as it was.

***I’m still in it… but I think the system sucks. And sometimes I feel powerless against it. Just a bad day.

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