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No words

I do not have the exact words to fully describe the book I just finished. It is heartbreakingly crafted into a tapestry of longing, humanity, and love. It is odd, or it’s heroes are unlikely. It stole my imagination and heart. It made me uncomfortable with feeling.
It came in the mail from a friend who knows me well. Thank you for knowing my love of all things longing to be shared.



Last looks



Ok, it’s us

Have you ever seen the movie, summer rental? It’s a John candy comedy, mid eighties, about a family and their summer at the beach.

Well, there is a scene in that movie that is hilarious and horrifying.
A scene where John candy and his family are asleep in their beach house and the owners come home to inform them that they are in the wrong house. And they have to pack their stuff, middle of the night and all, and locate the actual house they rented.
Well it didn’t go exactly like that, but as I sit in the car right now, on the way home to Houston, I’ll tell our version.
Planning to leave tomorrow, we were packing a few odds and ends this morning. We went to the beach. Great beach day. Went to lunch. Great lunch. Plenty of time to clean, organize, and pack. 3 pm someone pulls into the driveway of the beach house. “We are staying in this house tonight” they tell us. Ok, there must be some mistake. Checked our emails, talked to the owner. Yes, there was a mistake. Our mistake! We were supposed to leave today. Oh shit. Pack all the stuff. Fast. Cleaning crew never came we realized. They confess they made a mistake too. Thank goodness. Not just us people on island time. Pack the stuff in record time. Everyone was very flexible. Davy and I laughed a lot over this one. We packed, got some ice cream with friends, and said adios to the beautiful island we call home in the summer.
And I am wondering what it is we left behind… I’ll keep you posted.


10 yr anniversary celebration pictures

Ten years together

Writing vows is a lot harder than it sounds… I cried through the whole thing.

How do you explain to your kids you are renewing your vows? We told them this we were getting re-married.

Hope this doesn’t confuse them too much.

Thank you for being there! These are some of our favorite people in the whole world.

Anna Maria Island at sunset is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. And yes, that is our altar. Ha.

Curtis did the ceremony. He is really the greatest guy. He looks quite convincing here.

The Bergs were there! They are like family to us. Here is the most gorgeous and happy mom I know.

Best neighbors I know!

Nat and David… you coming was so special.

Emily – need I say more? I love you.

What you shared with us that night was priceless.

Two of my favorite girls. Jen! Of course there were hardly any pictures of you!Precious picture

Thank you for being there. This is typical. Like a brother to me.

Even our Anna Maria friends were there.

So happy we did this!

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