this makes me laugh

Summer is just like this… often giggling to herself, or singing, and often covered in stickers or markers. She’s not crazy about the fact that she is playing soccer and would much rather make up songs than chase a ball at this point in her life. I have to swallow my competitive title 9 ego and will probably have to enroll her in dance or drama, things I would have despised as a little girl (no offense here to any of my dancing thespian friends.) She is a little bit of an enigma to me. I wouldn’t wear a skirt, she will only wear a skirt. I wanted short hair, she likes it long. She likes barbies, I was more interested in collecting rocks. She is my darling, sweet pumpkin, as I call her. She is still so young and innocent. Every day she gets on that giant school bus and rides away and returns a whole day older in a way. I am watching her grow and the time is moving so quickly. I have to remind myself to soak it up. Even the pouty, difficult moments. They are all gifts. She’s always got a twinkle in that eye, giggling at something irreverent, and singing a song only she knows. That’s my girl.



2 Responses to “this makes me laugh”

  1. October 20, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    She’s the princess you thought you’d never have. We’ve got one too….

    Interestingly enough, I just came across this article in the Huffington Post about a very similar situation. Check it.


    Stay on the prowl…keep living and write before you forget.

  2. October 21, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    Ahh, I wish I knew her better! I bet Meadow and her would get along great! Meadow is my enigma. Somewhat of a tomboy, but yet LOVES all things sparkly and pretty. Fun, giggly, girly, but also the one who quickly turns things into potty humor. 😉
    Loved this post!

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