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I am still learning

The holidays were so great. It is just good to slow down. We went camping with the kids. We had a small family dinner with my parents. I let my cell phone battery die and didn’t touch the computer. That is an accomplishment for me. I didn’t think about work. We went on a date. We slept. 

And today we went back to the grind for a few weeks. It is a grind. I mean, life was meant to be savored. And there are times when I am too busy. I have said it out loud recently. I am overcommitted. 

I’ll say it again, I am overcommitted.

It feels good and bad to admit that. Good because it is true. Bad because I feel like I have to do something about it. 

I’m not sure why I do it to myself. I know some of it stems from the working mom mentality. Since I can’t be there during the day, volunteering with the kids, spending time with other moms, and simply having the ability to be more free with my time, I feel like I must be present with the only time that I have. But that’s tricky. It sounds like the right solution, because it is good for the kids and it doesn’t sound like a huge commitment when I first commit. 

But when I get home from work at 5. Spend time with the family until the kids go to bed, and then sit down to take a breath, I often find that I have committed myself to something I must accomplish. Sending an email, planning an activity for afterschool kid commitments, writing letters, reading school stuff, making lunches, something just seems to pop up.

I’m not complaining. I am just understanding my weakness more and more. I am weak.

I bite off too much. I don’t think of myself with sober judgement sometimes.

I am still learning. I am still learning.


reason #5,621


Tonight you will see reason #5,621 that I cannot even fathom why this person is running for president.

I mean, seriously?

And you wonder why education in the state of Texas is in shambles.

I think I know some of the reason.

I mean this is actually hilariously unbelieveable.


I thought I could keep it light

but I can’t seem to.

Today was an election day. And on this day when we have the privilege and freedom to choose leaders, I couldn’t help thinking of them, the many soldiers each day that have lived and died through wars to preserve freedom, safety, democracy, and righteousness.

I couldn’t help but think of their blood that has been shed as I signed my name to make my choice.

They chose also, a much larger and more tangible choice. Their choice came with much greater weight, but yet many of us completely disregard the choices the brave men and women of our armed forces have chosen.

I realized this year, for the first time, that to skip a vote, or to make an excuse that I didn’t know enough was pathetic, irreverent, and despicable. I mean truly.

When I think of the over 7000 soldiers who have given their life for their country simply in the last ten years, my vote becomes an honor. So I voted. With thankfulness. And then…

I cried my eyes out over this article tonight. Read it. It is important.

I’m not sure I can ever understand this completely. But I hear him loud and clear.

War is serious.

And civilians don’t get it.

We are flippant.

And rude.

And ignorant.

We try to wave our flags and give our thanks,

but I am starting to think that means so little.

The war is still here for them too. It does not leave them when they return.

They have seen things and know things about humanity that most of us have not.

I am humbled by this whole day. The voting. The soldiers. The truth. The war.

My thank you’s mean so little. But thank you for your sacrifice.




halloween take 2

D went on a trip this last weekend to Vancouver.

It was a fishing trip.

I knew he was so excited to go… and when he got home he told me all about the great time that he had.

The thing that he neglected to mention was that:

He caught a monster.

He showed me the pictures, but I was incredulous that he could catch something like this.

I thought salmon were a foot long. And without the razor sharp teeth.

In D’s words himself the trip was “invigorating.” Well, I imagine dragging that monster in got the blood pumping.


This problem is real.

“I equate it to this: it’s as though our teachers have just finished climbing Mt. Everest and now they’re being asked by the state, we’re going to put 50 more pounds in your backpack; we’re going to reduce the amount of oxygen that you get; we’re going to tell all those Sherpa guides, you’re fired; you’re on your own and you need to make it up the mountain in half the time. That’s not fair and we need the state to either put up or shut up. If they’re going to raise the standards, then they need to give us adequate funding.”  -John Kelly, superintendent in the Houston area


Did you know…

That over 300 public school districts in the state of Texas are suing the state?

Many of them are in the Houston area.

This should say something about the state of education and the inequality that our current system perpetuates..

If you care about education and the system we are operating in, please listen. Ordinary citizens often don’t know the dire situation education is in. We are the tax-paying voters and we do have a say. At least to an extent.

Heard this on Friday on my drive to work and knew I needed to mention it.

Article here: “Texas School Funding Battle Heats Up.” Click on the podcast to listen.

*I think listening to the audio is important, as you hear for yourself what these superintendents have to say.


More than a story

This book brought me to tears tonight. It often does. But tonight it was so beautiful and solemn that I could hardly make it through it with Ben. It didn’t help that we discussed the book and that he had such a clear understanding of the idea of sacrifice.

It had a big impact on me as a child, and I feel that it is one of the most excellent children’s books. (Not to mention Tomie DePaola is probably my favorite children’s author.)

Read it if you haven’t already. You will love it.


where are we headed?

Yes, this is much of what I have been thinking. Article on some of my issues with public education.

Books that made an impact

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