I feel lovestruck a bit. Or maybe awestruck. The book I finished a week or two ago is lingering with me. It is one of those that I think I will remember forever. I know it is a bit crazy to feel so strongly about a fictional story about fictional characters, but for whatever reason I am deeply affected by what I read.

Abraham Verghese’s Cutting For Stone is his debut novel. He has a way with words. There were moments in this book where I would read and re-read what he wrote, wondering how he crafted the words he did in the way he did. I would run to my reader friends and ask if they heard the magic I heard, and yes, they did. It will be a book I give to those I know treasure words.

It was given to me by an unlikely friend who somehow knew I would love it.

That is the gift of words and story. They are shared. They are life-changing.

I am thankful for all who have shared the stories they love with me.

2 Responses to “struck”

  1. 2 Jen
    February 17, 2012 at 2:19 am

    So many people have recommended this book to me! My fiance is a surgeon, and we are signed up to go to a mission hospital somewhere for two years (probably in Africa), so I feel like I need to read this soon! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get my hands on this. 🙂

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