june notes

We are in Florida and as always I have big aspirations for my down time each day. And as usual, down time has evolved into exactly what is should be: uneventful and conducive to sleep. I have been sleeping quite a bit.

But we have had a great time so far. My mom visited the first week and she was so gracious to take us out to dinner and spend such quality time with us and the kids. It rained a few days and that kept us busy doing a few of the “other” types of things to do here on this island.

So far, I’ve read a couple of books, collected hundreds of shells, gone on runs, dug the signature beach hole the kids love, and simply been with those I love most.

Davy and I went out with a fishing guide one day – and that was – to say the least – incredible.

We are here. Feet in sand. A few pics are below. (I’m not the best about taking the camera to the beach.)

Sandy and loving it!

not sure what is happening here!

Stormy beach day

Trying to make  for a break in the rain. No luck.

This is a fun one! Davy brought a tarpon in. If you have never tarpon fished, it is an experience. These fish are usually between 100 – 200 lbs. I hooked two and one was enormous. I couldn’t get them in though, too much work. Davy did!

This is a fun pic. Actually makes me laugh. We fished for redfish later in the day and they were so fun to catch.

I caught one. It ain’t small, either.

We had so much fun!

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