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a gift

Yesterday, my students exited my classroom for the holidays. I envisioned their leaving to be a moment of exultation, a celebration that I had made it half way through my journey of this year. But I stood there, right before they left, actually feeling something different than what I had expected. Was I wistful? Was I nostalgic?  Was I sad? Was I happy? I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was that I was feeling. I was not angry with them, I was not annoyed. I’m pretty sure, at that exact moment, I was thankful? I was feeling thankful for the fact that in the end, I was genuinely touched by each student in their own unique way.  In return, yesterday, I  felt affection welling up from within me. So, you know what I did? I stood there by the door and gave each of them a hug. And surprising, every last one of them received my hug with open arms. I learned more in that moment than I have in months put together.


some recent photos

I have been desperately trying to keep up with capturing the munchkin’s growth through the lens of the camera… it’s tough though… they grow so fast and the days are so busy. Here are some photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

For every child’s third birthday you need a giant inflatable thing… right?

Summer loves her Mimi… and cupcakes.

Peek a boo Summi!

My boys.

Summi is in awe of everything.

My cupcake turns 30 for the third time this week! 


one year later…

I must admit… I feel a tad bit guilty posting this over a month late. But I wanted to share with all of you a few photos of Summer as she turned one year old on July 25th. She is Summer. Our easy, breezy, beautiful baby girl. She is just starting to walk… but true to her personality… is so laid back about the whole ordeal… only walking when she deems it important. She loves people… especially women. She is quite possibly our more tactile child… touching everything… sometimes grabbing… and always up for a game of roll around lazy on the floor. She is a climber… I wonder when she will figure out that she can climb out of her crib. She loves to talk on the phone… do my hair (pull and attempt to put in a rubber band)… and boy does she love to sing. She is so joyful… sometimes feeling the need to express her joy in screams! She loves Ben… to the point of getting her feelings hurt when he instructs her. She loves juice, popcorn, strawberries, and queso. She is our little summer breeze… she keeps us cool and refreshed… always reminding us to slow down and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

The crust on her face is queso. So ladylike.

First day of school with both the babes. Total success! Praise God.

Can she be any cuter? Maybe… but I am not sure…

Yes, it is all about her.

All of us in one photo… amazing.

Summer has been with us a year. It is hard to believe the year has passed so quickly. She is that child who enters life seamlessly… blending into our chaos with a harmony that is a perfect accompaniment. We love you Summer Sunshine!


catching up – part II – aka the “odyssey”

Well, I am being a little dramatic titling our summer vacation the “odyssey.” However, when you have a one year old and a two year old and you travel more than 3000 miles by car… it becomes an “odyssey” of sorts, or maybe just a crazy idea. Well,  the journey began one morning in mid-July when me and the kids left for Tulsa with my mom to visit our relatives that live there. 

Let the journey begin.

In Tulsa, we went to the Oklahoma State Aquarium and Ben got some quality bonding time with Mimi.

These pictures tell the story of what is in Tulsa. My PaPa lives there and these pictures are speak for themselves. I am unsure of whether he will remember these moments, but these pictures are reminders.

We also visited with cousins and my aunt and uncle… but of course… my camera skills were lacking… that is I neglected to take pictures. Davy drove up and met us and just the four of us continued on to Denver.

On our eternal drive across Kansas… we received good news… farmers were getting the memo… leasing their land to create wind energy is just extra cash in their pockets when the growin’s not good. The windmills were actually quite beautiful… in my ridiculous opinion.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures taken on the whole trip. Just a simple roadside stop somewhere in Kansas. 

We arrive in Denver in one piece. We sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” maybe a hundred times in the last hour of the drive… but we made it. 

My gracious cousin opened her home to us… and it came with a perk… built in playmates… Ben and Summer’s second(?) cousins were such great hostesses… constantly shepherding them from one thing to another.

Summer turned one on July 25th… while we were in Denver. My cousin put together a little celebration for her… it was so nice. We love you Summer Sunshine. (Her official name is Summer Emily… but she is our sunshine.)

Summer is our sweet tooth. (Along with me.)

During our time in Denver, we visited the school where I worked with the kids. It was so good to be up there again. I miss working at this school so much. While I lived there… that school and the people involved in it were my family. Here is Ben in front of Parmalee Elementary.

Summer at the park in Denver. The water was so cold!

Ben in the river and exiting the “fabulous” train. That is such a look of bliss!

We went from Denver to Breckenridge… but the camera battery died on the way… so I need to get those photos off my phone… but then we came back to Denver for a few more days… and then headed south to Pagosa Springs. The pictures below are from the last few days of the trip.

Hiking and not hiking.

The beautiful Piedra River Canyon.

And then, just like that… we’re heading home. We had an amazing trip and these two kiddos were awesome!

Also, we loved seeing our Colorado friends, Emily, Curtis, Jay, Dave, EGB, Joanne, Julia, Christy, Correy, Hayden, Maddie, Adam, Steve and the gang, Dave, Liz, and of course, Amy and David. The time we spent with all of you was precious beyond measure. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to hang with us. We loved it. And we love you.


Just a few moments to capture…

Ben has been singing his ABC’s for a while now and it doesn’t get much cuter than this…

Also please notice how he will not give me five at the end. Single-mindedness is obviously part of being two years old.

And Summer, sweet Summer is already so fast. I took this video a couple of days ago and I am worried about this girl’s curiosity factor. She is already into everything!