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last day here…

Today was our last full day on Anna Maria Island. It was spent on the beach soaking up the sun late into the evening hours. My favorite time at the beach is between five and nine in the evening. There is something magical about sitting, swimming, and playing as the earth slowly revolves just enough to hide the sun from our view. I am sad to leave this beautiful island. Our time here has been restorative… reminding both Davy and I of the simple things in life. A sand castle built by a small child. A precious shell. A nice cold beer to enjoy in the sun. An outdoor shower. A walk along the shore.  A school of fish swimming near your toes. A disappearing sun. A new friend. A precious secret shared.  A small house. Finding a new pet. A scraped foot. An ice cream cone that drips too quickly. A precious boy. A precious girl. A growing love. A time that will never be forgotten.

How many times did we cross this bridge?

The place we laid our heads.

We’ll miss it… but we’ll be back.


a day in our life…

We are still here. That is the beauty of a month long vacation. I keep thinking it should be over… but it’s not! I must appeal to you on behalf of this amazing place. Anna Maria Island is one of my favorite spots I have ever visited. It reminds me of Kailua, Hawaii…  which is pretty dang amazing. The beach is beautiful. We spend our days snorkeling. kayaking, shell-hunting, swimming,  and simply getting sandy. On top of that, the island has a free trolley (which Ben adores),  a great public library, and an incredible aquarium nearby. 

I am sitting on the screened in front porch right now as the children nap, listening to the birds, drinking a beer, and thinking I am very lucky. 

Here are some recent photos of our life at the moment…

The daily set-up. 

Ben waiting for the trolley.

Summer clearly loves the sand. This is her life right now… she is constantly covered in sand.

The sandified booty.

Did I mention we have to spray his crack with sunsceen on a daily basis? Cute.

Sumi clearly loves sand and shells. I am constantly sticking my finger in her mouth to sweep out any unneccesary shells/shellfish/small crustaceans from her mouth. I am sure she has eaten some… oh well… look at her face in the photo… she loves that she is eating this crap.

This is the order of the day: Summer eats a shell, while Ben waits for the next giant shark to make it’s way into 6 inches of water. Life’s a beach!



just another day…

…in paradise. Here are some of the recent photos from our month on Anna Maria Island. Some are just cute shots of the kiddos and others you will see the amazing natural beauty we are surrounded by…

The munchkins first thing in the morning… they look so sweet and innocent…

Let the sandiness begin! Summer loves sand… until she eats a the equivalent of a small bucketful. She is a great sport at the beach and can hang in there with the rest of us. Notice busy Ben in the background. Two year olds can have alot of fun at the beach!

Ben at the beach.

A moment to savor. (Literally, at least for Summer.)

Ben’s beautiful eyes..


Sumi after a day at the beach.

Are they bonding? I think so. (Or maybe they were fighting…)

Anna Maria Island is known for its incredible sunsets.

The sunset.

The beach at sunset.

Taken today after a morning at the beach. The camera lens even fogged up as we brought the camera outside into the ninety degree heat. Kids love the beach.. it’s a given. We are enjoying every moment of our month here.


This June…

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Davy and I are so excited to announce that the month of June will not be spent in the humidifier that is also known as Houston. We will be in Florida. (I am sure it will be humid there as well…) We are both teachers, not only because we are passionate about changing students lives, but also because we recieve a well-deserved break in the summer. I am so proud of Davy, because a couple of months ago he applied for a grant called FUND for Teachers. This is an incredible grant because it allows the grant writer (the teacher) to choose a project (destination) to complete simply because it would enrich their life, and therefore their teaching ability. I am not kidding… they want teachers who apply for this grant to dream big and choose to do something they have never been able to do in the past that will tie into their classroom. Selfishly, truth be told, we both wanted to spend the summer at the beach (or at least a good portion of the summer.) Davy teaches aquatic science (or marine biology) so he began to write a grant that incorporated his love for the ocean and marine life. That grant developed into a plan to volunteer at one of the largest marine reasearch centers in the country located in Sarasota, Florida. Davy finished the grant, handed it to me to edit, and a few months later we found out he was a grant recipient. We are so excited to be spending the month of June in Anna Maria Island, Florida.


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