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Ben and Summer

The pictures say it all. They are happy and healthy and becoming partners in crime. 




some recent photos

I have been desperately trying to keep up with capturing the munchkin’s growth through the lens of the camera… it’s tough though… they grow so fast and the days are so busy. Here are some photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

For every child’s third birthday you need a giant inflatable thing… right?

Summer loves her Mimi… and cupcakes.

Peek a boo Summi!

My boys.

Summi is in awe of everything.

My cupcake turns 30 for the third time this week! 


precious moments… in between

Well …we have returned home to Houston and amidst all the sorting of clothes, toys, books, and thoughts… I have also had the time to sort some of my favorite photos… as of recently.(See below.)

We are a busy family. I am leaving on Friday to go do some “creative bonding” with my friend little Jen. I will tell you what creative bonding is later… but hint, hint… it involves a creative “bonding” agent. I am stoked to leave on holiday for a few days. Then we are home for a few days, and then bam, we are off to Tulsa to visit family, and then will drive directly from there to Colorado for about two weeks to see old friends, visit old haunts, and generally enjoy the mountain lifestyle that we so willingly abandoned. Then, another treat for me, to Vegas for a crazy ass bachelorette party (kidding, it will involve a good tan and catching up with old friends.) Then bam, school starts and I am thrust back into the world of eighth grade humor, making lunches, and being held accountable for what I am teaching the youth of America. How did I ever get so lucky? 

So, my posts may be few and far between over the next month… lots of fun to be had by all in this family. Cheerio!

Will he hurt me for publicizing this picture in 10 years? But my gosh, he is a gorgeous princess!

Sumi is in her, “I love all food” stage. Eating is pure joy for this eleven month old… for the moment.

I am not sure this expression has even been captured on film. Ben’s “why are they coming at me with that foot long wiener?” expression.

Crack me up.

Properly applying sunscreen to a two year evokes this sort of response.

Why does this phenomena always make me giggle? Does she not feel the food stuck to her?


Loving these mugwumps…

Let’s see… the last week has consisted of: 

Waking up

Putting on sunscreen 

Going to the beach

Napping (at least one child…)

Putting on sunscreen 

Going to the beach



A couple of the cool things we have been doing… is entertaining friends we met down here. It’s pretty cool that they live next door, have a two year old, and are nice people. We had dinner with them the other night. We’ve also been to the aquarium in Sarasota multiple times. Whoopee for fish tanks. Davy and Ben love them! I do too, just not quite to the fanatical degree that the males in this family do. Also,  we have officially gone through ten bottles of sunscreen. It is the spray kind… but wow… I never imagined using so much sunscreen. I remember the days when I didn’t wear it. Also, I am becoming a student of the tides. You know, I always assumed that the ocean did pretty much the same thing every day. Apparently, I was wrong. Spending so much time near the water I have come to realize that the ocean is different every day. The strength of the waves obviously changes, but so do the direction at which they approach the shore. Every tide is different… not one is yet to be the same. Same days there are lots of big shells, other days there are millions of tiny coquinas. Today I saw a dolphin while kayaking… it was maybe 10 yards from my boat. I am coming to rely on the beauty and mystery of the ocean on a daily basis. I will miss this place immensely when we leave.

Below I have attached some of my favorite pictures of the last few days. Even with the beauty and mystery of the ocean literally at my doorstep, these precious children still capture my heart above all things…

Summer loves the backpack.

Father and son.

Ben and his new friend, Emily.

Behold the duck face.

Ben needs his beauty rest.

Avoidance and embrace! Love that smile.

I see you, Summer Sunshine.

A moment of many.

The family.

Loving the company.


Over the last month…

Ben’s black eye

You never thought you’d see her in a bow… (it’s from a gift, by the way.)

This is why bows are a bad idea.

Ben with his favorite thing, Picasso. I think Picasso had put a gash in his head about 2 hours previous to this picture. 


Ben grad-i-ated… sort of… he is just going to a new school next year. His teachers were incredible and we will miss them dearly.

This is the beauty of our life right now. There is always someone to hold your hand.


Just a few moments to capture…

Ben has been singing his ABC’s for a while now and it doesn’t get much cuter than this…

Also please notice how he will not give me five at the end. Single-mindedness is obviously part of being two years old.

And Summer, sweet Summer is already so fast. I took this video a couple of days ago and I am worried about this girl’s curiosity factor. She is already into everything!



The most glorious day of the year (so far)

Yes, it was. It was absolutely beautiful…I thought about having the kids nap outside because on days like today it just feels obscene to waste a single moment. It was pretty much the perfect day in Houston (and my life, for that matter). Let’s see…Ben sleeps until 7 and Summer, well that kid is so crazy that she will stay in her crib until I go and get her. I think I went in there at 8:30. And then after the Saturday morning bagel run…we laid back and enjoyed each other and the creation that is in this tiny speck of the universe.

A view of the glorious sky this april morn. Laying like this as often as possible is a therapeutic remedy of mine.

Picasso. For those of you who know this blessed creature…you know he is AMAZING. He is my favorite animal ever… and I am usually more of a dog person. My good friends know Casso and know that he is probably the coolest mammal to ever live… he ate a bird earlier this morning. Way to go, old man. He enjoyed every moment of this day with us. I will post about him more later… he deserves his own post.

The street. I love this street. I will probably grow older here (duh.) Here it is in all it’s glory. Suburban Houston… a gift from God (seriously).

My radiant progeny (I mean elfin…) Here he is… we had all sorts of precious family moments today like wrestling, icees, sand in the diaper, and yes, of course, the sweet whisperings of “family secrets.” (I will explain later…

Honestly, I struggle posting one elfin without a moment from the other. Here is the tiniest elfin… and can life get much better than this?

This is one afternoon moment that I feel expresses my satisfaction well… happy, industrious child, my feet up, and a nice cold beer. Oh yeah, and my amazing partner in the chair next to me. Love you,  d.


Happy Saturday, April, Life. Life is good. I know that sounds cliche… but it really is. Enjoy it. It isn’t always going to be the same… but you can always find beauty in moments and pleasure in the small things.

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