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a gift

Yesterday, my students exited my classroom for the holidays. I envisioned their leaving to be a moment of exultation, a celebration that I had made it half way through my journey of this year. But I stood there, right before they left, actually feeling something different than what I had expected. Was I wistful? Was I nostalgic?  Was I sad? Was I happy? I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was that I was feeling. I was not angry with them, I was not annoyed. I’m pretty sure, at that exact moment, I was thankful? I was feeling thankful for the fact that in the end, I was genuinely touched by each student in their own unique way.  In return, yesterday, I  felt affection welling up from within me. So, you know what I did? I stood there by the door and gave each of them a hug. And surprising, every last one of them received my hug with open arms. I learned more in that moment than I have in months put together.